And… 2017 is UNDERWAY!


Welcome back, SHEfans! We are scurrying around behind the scenes preparing for SHE Weekend 2017, to bring you the BEST SHE EVER! We are SO EXCITED about some of the elements that are lining up for this year. More on that later.

(BTW, tickets are now available!)

What we need from you right now is: suggestions! We’ve proven year over year that we really listen to our attendees and our vendors to try and make our event the best it can be. So if you have a comment, an idea, a thought, a passing fancy, a funny anecdote… we’re all ears! Digitally speaking. Email us. *winky face*

I’m a vendor and I want to tell you something.

I’m an attendee and I want to tell you something.

I’m neither here nor there but I still want to tell you something.