Barb Collins

SHE is an Active Advocate.  SHE is a Phenomenal Philanthropist.  SHE is Barb Collins, our SHEro!

Barb Collins has 35 years of experience in nonprofit management, strategic development, and board governance and innovation. A graduate of the University of Minnesota, with a degree in Gerontology (a multidisciplinary study of aging), Barb began her career in management and public relations for a retirement community in Blacksburg, Virginia. Ensuing positions took her north to Minnesota and Wisconsin, where roles in resource development and alumni relations at William Mitchell College of Law and St. Norbert College gave her extensive experience organizing, managing, and working with boards and nonprofits. A life altering trip through Tanzania lit a flame within Barb to serve in a more impactful way. Barb was determined to find a way to show that one individual could reach across the ocean and make a difference in the lives of others.

dfw_vlogo2In 1993, after moving her family to Greenville, a causal invitation to a potluck dinner celebrating her neighbor Marsha Wallace’s birthday started a movement that is changing the way the world works. Fueled by their joint passion, Barb and Marsha founded Dining for Women from their dining room tables.  Dining for Women is the world’s largest educational giving circle, dedicated to transforming lives and eradicating poverty among women and girls living in the developing world. Their philanthropic model is proving that small contributions and individual actions, aggregated together, can make a deep and transformational impact in the lives of both the giver and receiver.

With over four hundred chapters and 8,000 members spread throughout the U.S., Dining for Women celebrates the power of the individual to see an injustice and act to change it.  Since the first chapter meeting in 2013, over $7 million has been raised, funding 214 projects, in 142 organizations, in more than 40 countries.  Last year they celebrated the launch of an inaugural collaborative partnership with a $100,000 grant to the Peace Corps “Let Girls Learn” initiative, funding 39 projects in 23 countries, breaking down barriers to educate 2,416 girls.

In 2014, Barb was named an Everyday Freedom Hero by the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center in Cincinnati, Ohio.  After many years serving as chair of the Dining for Women Board of Director’s, Barb continues to serve on the Board, chairs the Resource Development Committee, and sits on the Grants and Partnership Oversight Committee.  In 2015, she earned her Leadership Certificate for Nonprofit Board Chairs through BoardSource.  As Co-Founder of Dining for Women, Barb frequently speaks and serves as ambassador for the organization.

Barb still lives in Greenville, with her husband Greg, a Siberian Husky named Annie, and a feisty cat named Phoenix. Barb is a member of St. Michael’s Lutheran Church.  Her older daughter (Nora) is a banker in Charlotte, while her younger daughter, (Jeanette) works in marketing and management in Jacksonville.  Barb’s mom, Jo, recently moved in with her, adding a welcomed generation to the household. Barb is currently writing her father’s memoir, A Book of Hope in a Turbulent World, which she hopes to publish by December.

Paint a sign with Verdant Market

Verdant Market is a locally-owned sign making company that takes all the prep work and design angst out of the equation! We’ve all wanted to say we painted that beautiful sign hanging up in our house, but we either (a) ain’t got that kinda time or (b) ain’t got that kinda skill (or [c] ALL OF THE ABOVE).

Kelly at Verdant Market had the idea to take all the guesswork out, and that means you’re left with the FUN and the GREAT SIGN (and an impressive story for all your Pinterest-loving friends).

The SHE Staff went to her shop in Simpsonville to try it out, and we were AMAZED at how easy and fun it was, and how great they turned out:

There will be multiple colors and stains to choose from, and fun stencils for every taste. If you walked into Hobby Lobby, these would cost $20-$30, but you can MAKE YOUR OWN for just $18 at SHE! Come to the CREATE Area on Friday between 4-7pm or on Saturday between 12-4pm to make yours!

Our finished products!

See her website here, where you can schedule your own sign painting party! And follow her on Facebook!

The Health Dare

the-health-dare-logoThe Health Dare is a 90-day nuclear health challenge. Get healthy while losing weight! Our program is easy, educational, and effective! We guarantee that if you don’t see results in your first 30 days, we will give you your money back! So don’t hesitate, contact us for a free consultation today and begin your journey to meeting the new you….take the dare!

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THRIVE by Le-Vel

Thrive level

THRIVE by Le-Vel is something that’s hard to explain, and challenging to describe… it’s something that can only be experienced.

The THRIVE Experience is an 8-week premium lifestyle plan to help individuals experience and reach peak physical & mental levels. You’re going to live, look, and feel Ultra Premium like never before! Results from the THRIVE Experience are high impact, and can differ slightly from person to person, depending on your 8-week goal, and which areas of your lifestyle need the most help. Whether your goal is to lose weight, get in the best shape of your life, or simply be the best you can be, we know the 8-Week THRIVE Experience will get you THRIVIN’ in all areas of your life! Individuals on the Experience will enjoy premium support and benefits in the areas of:

  • > Weight Management+ > Cognitive Performance+
  • > Digestive & Immune Support+ > Healthy Joint Function+
  • > Lean Muscle Support+ > Calms General Discomfort+
  • > Age-Defying & Antioxidant Support

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Premium Products

Premium Products USA features unique, quality products. We believe tried-and-true is the best form of advertising and welcome your best-loved products for inclusion in our store! We focus on hypoallergenic, organic products and healing tools to help you look and feel your best. We will also carry homesteading products – gardening, wildlife, outdoor living and energy-producing – that are sustainable.

Stop by our booth at SHE Weekend 2017 to try our click heaters (reusable thermal pads) and TENS units.

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Palmetto Custom Metal & Woodcraft

PCMWAt Palmetto Custom Metal & Woodcraft, we specialize in ornamental, decorative art and metal signage. We are a licensed collegiate manufacturer (which means lots of Clemson pieces).  We also have many proprietary designs as listed in our collections or our in-house artists can create anything specifically for you or your company. Our design capabilities are only limited by your imagination!

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Pintergarten Classes in the Create Area

NEW this year to SHE: Pintergarten Classes! (Pinterest/Kindergarten, see what we did there?)

For you ladies who LOVE doing Pinterest-worthy projects (but HATE the set up and the clean up), we’ve done ALL the work for you! Set right down and make your choice of project(s) to take home:

Then snap a picture for your Instagram and brag that you totally just made this all by yourself.

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Women of Fruit Magazine

Honoring the selfless seeds of dedication, wisdom, and compassion that women give to the world.

Women of FruitWomen of Fruit is a thriving lifestyle magazine that honors the selfless seeds of dedication, wisdom, and compassion that businesses and community-focused women plant in the lives of others across the globe.

WOF Cover StoryThe quarterly printed magazine shares the inspirational journeys of phenomenal women across the Carolinas. The Summer 2017 issue features an amazing cover story on SHE – The Upstate Women’s Show! Get your copy at SHE Weekend!

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BreakThru Beverage


BreakThru Beverage is proud to offer SHE attendees the taste of two great whiskeys:

Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey and Basil Lemonade: a honey whiskey and lemonade

And Coopers Craft Kentucky Straight Bourbon Peach Ice Tea with Mint: a soft, pallet-friendly whiskey that is filtered through birch and beech wood

Plus the sweet flavor of a rose champagne!

Tastings of these great flavors:

  • Friday, August 18 from 4P-7P
  • Saturday, August 19 from 1p-4p

Make sure you stop by the BreakThru Beverage area on the center aisle during your visit to SHE. These whiskey cocktails are great for entertaining, holiday parties and tailgating.

(Cocktails and champagne will be available for purchase after sampling at SHE.)

For sampling and to purchase alcohol, you must be 21 and over with a valid ID.

BreakThru Beverages reminds you to drink responsibly.  Make sure you have a designated driver if you are going to sample our products at SHE.  Plan ahead!