BreakThru Beverage



BreakThru Beverage is proud to offer SHE attendees the taste of two great whiskeys:

Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey and Basil Lemonade: a honey whiskey and lemonade

And Coopers Craft Kentucky Straight Bourbon Peach Ice Tea with Mint: a soft, pallet-friendly whiskey that is filtered through birch and beech wood

Plus the sweet flavor of a rose champagne!

Tastings of these great flavors:

  • Friday, August 18 from 4P-7P
  • Saturday, August 19 from 1p-4p

Make sure you stop by the BreakThru Beverage area on the center aisle during your visit to SHE. These whiskey cocktails are great for entertaining, holiday parties and tailgating.

(Cocktails and champagne will be available for purchase after sampling at SHE.)

For sampling and to purchase alcohol, you must be 21 and over with a valid ID.

BreakThru Beverages reminds you to drink responsibly.  Make sure you have a designated driver if you are going to sample our products at SHE.  Plan ahead!