The SHE Makers Market


We heard a lot of you say, “Please give us more ART, more UNIQUE GIFTS, more HANDMADE STUFFS, more LOCAL CRAFTY THINGS!” (we’re paraphrasing). So we created the SHE Makers Market, full of local, unique, handmade goods!

We are beyond excited to bring back the SHE Makers Market – a section of SHE devoted entirely to handcrafted goods. Here, you will only find homemade, hand-made, made with love, locally-made, lovingly crafted and beautiful things!

Here are the Makers we have signed up so far:

Interested in being a part of the Makers Market??

Download the 2017 SHE MAKERS MARKET Application

Calling all artists, crafters, artisans, makers of homemade goods and hand-crafted items! We have a LIMITED NUMBER of booths in the SHE Makers Market at a special rate – email us here!

(For example: painters, sculptors, bakers, soap makers, craft beer brewers, creators of clothing and accessories, home goods builders, yummy food cookers, pretty things embellishers, and folks that make the things that smell good… *deep breath* we want to talk to YOU!)



We are THRILLED to announce that ART SLAM! LIVE will return to SHE Weekend this year! We are SO EXCITED to watch these artists work. This year, we’re featuring artists that range widely in styles, so it will be a visual smorgasbord:

  • Samantha Bell
  • Bathsheba Floyd
  • Lee Granger
  • Caroline Harnish
  • Jeffery Callaham
  • Caleb Rivera

Not familiar? This is a live, high-energy art competition where six local artists have 20 minutes to paint (based on a set theme), all underscored by the music of a DJ!

Need a visual? Here’s a great video that shows you how much fun an ART SLAM! LIVE event is!