JoAnn Johnson


JoAnn Johnson is an author and executive chef/owner for All J’s Catering.

JoAnn Johnson is a tv personality, author, motivational speaker and chef. She has fed hundreds of thousands of people including A-list celebrities and politicians. She hosts the shows Good Mood Good Food on The CW, WCYW and Empower Your Body Empower Your Mind on WGGS.

JoAnn created her first kitchen concoction at the age of six: a peanut butter and bologna dish (that her family dutifully tasted). While she’s no longer combining those two particular ingredients, the mixture of support and grace that her family provided from an early age allowed her to grow and progess toward her dream of becoming a chef.

And look at her now: JoAnn’s All J’s Catering company is one of the largest in the Upstate. She calls her business a “celebration” via a combination of food, nutrition, health and the love of God.

A few years ago, her mother fell ill and passed away just five days later. Less than a month after that, she suffered the loss of her grandmother. From these painful experiences, JoAnn authored her book Empower Your Body, Empower Your Mind- A Journey Through Grief. Through a combination of nutritional recipes and the power of prayer and reflection, JoAnn’s book is designed to help people navigate the dark waters of grief.

Grief is unavoidable, so JoAnn knows this book can help anyone going through a painful time. It also made her acutely aware of just how much of a positive impact good nutrition can have! Her weekly TV show on the NOW Network “Empower Your Body, Empower Your Mind” is a manifestation of that belief.