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Elvia Pacheco-Flores  – Who is SHE?

SHE is Connected. Since 2008, Elvia has worked in the Human Resources Department at Fluor Corporation. Presently, she is part of the Organizational Hierarchy Team, a team responsible for coordinating the workflow process for the hierarchy structure of the company. Though she never saw herself working in Human Resources, or at Fluor, Elvia credits her success at the company and subsequent endeavors to savvy networking.

SHE is a Trailblazer. Elvia helped found the local community group LatinosUnited in September 2012 because she recognized a need. As one of the few Latinas actively engaged with our Greenville community, at times Elvia would feel out of place in certain events, especially when looking around the room and noticing the absence of other Latinos. Elvia also felt compelled to start the group because of her personal experience in grade school. She never had a Latino professional or business owner come to her school to talk about focusing on her future by staying in school, participating in her community, or starting her own business.

Elvia first shared her idea with the public in a magazine write-up where she expressed her interest in starting a group to bring together young Latinos. Now in its fourth year, LatinosUnited is still growing and being recognized in the community — especially by other organizations that promote diversity and inclusion.  Though growth is slow, since the members do everything on their own dime and time, Elvia looks forward to doing more with the group in the near future.

LatinosUnited’s greatest partnership thus far has been with United Way of Greenville, where they support the School Tools program (which collects school supplies to distribute to children of low-income families, many of which are a part of the Latino community).  The group also participates in Hands on Greenville, the Upstate’s largest day of volunteering. This allows members a wonderful opportunity to donate their time and expertise to benefit nonprofits by completing needed projects at their sites. Since part of organization’s mission is to promote engagement in the community, Hands on Greenville allows LatinosUnited members to work alongside other Greenville County residents for a great cause.

The group has also held a few student panels in which they share their experiences with younger Latinos to motivate them.  There are currently around 120 individuals in the LatinosUnited network.  Elvia hopes to engage more members and encourages their participation on community boards and committees.

SHE is Unfaltering. In addition to her work with LatinosUnited, Elvia is highly interested in community initiatives that promote diversity and inclusion. Elvia currently serves as Membership Officer for Prospanica, a national organization for Latino professionals that is just beginning to have a presence in South Carolina.

In the past, Elvia has been involved with YWCA of Greenville, serving on the  Board of Directors and the YW Junior Board of Directors. She has also served with USC Upstate Alumni Association, United Way’s Young Philanthropist Council, Fluor’s Graduates Advancing in Professionalism, North American Young Generation in Nuclear, Clyburn Political Fellowship, Toastmasters International, Professionals United for Leadership and Social Enrichment, and Hispanic Association of Corporate Responsibility.

SHE is Kinetic.  During the rare times when Elvia is not working or volunteering, she enjoys spending time with her husband, family, friends and pet. Some of her favorite pastimes include traveling, and outdoor activities where she can be in nature. Elvia also loves a good beat and enjoys listening to music and going dancing with her husband and friends.

Elvia credits The Man Upstairs and networking for the wonderful relationships and opportunities that have been presented to her over the years. She is always trying to connect her Latino network with others in the community. Networking has been a blessing for Elvia and she encourages everyone she encounters to take advantage of such opportunities.

SHE is Unstoppable. SHE is Elvia Pacheco-Flores!