Maegan Garner


maegan 2Maegan Garner. Who is SHE?

SHE is a Busy Beauty. Meagan is Director of Marketing at Magnolia Medical Aesthetics, a Model/Pageant Coach at Millie Lewis, and Owner of Crowned Productions. Maegan has competed in dance, gymnastics, cheerleading, and pageants since her youth. Her most recent success in this arena was representing South Carolina in the 2015 Ms. United States Pageant.

As Director of Marketing for Magnolia Medical Aesthetics, Maegan assists the company in their mission to help people look as young as they feel, and gain confidence. As a model, pageant coach, and instructor at Millie Lewis, Maegan helps young girls to feel beautiful and confident while providing them with the tools they need to reach their full potential in their personal, business, and educational aspirations.

Feeling the drive to become an entrepreneur, Maegan co-founded Crowned Productions, providing guidance and personal development to help young women succeed on and off the stage.

SHE is a Champion of Change. Almost 6 years ago, Maegan was involved in an accident with a motorcyclist who passed away due to blunt force trauma from not wearing a helmet. Through such a horrific tragedy, she learned that out of pain, one can find purpose.  This led Maegan to start Smart Rider, a non-profit foundation and initiative to educate riders on the importance of helmets to prevent traumatic brain injury.  She also partnered with the mother of the deceased and together they speak at various civic organizations to advocate for helmet safety. Her hope is that one day TIKO’s law (Thousands of Individuals Killed on Our highways) will come to fruition and S.C. will have a Universal Helmet Law. In her efforts to promote helmet safety, Maegan also works closely with several divisions of GHS including the Children’s Hospital, Safe Kids Upstate, and Neuroscience Research.

SHE is a Style-Seeker. As you can imagine, Meagan’s jobs and philanthropy keep her pretty busy.  However, when she does have free time, she loves shopping and finding her style on a budget, just as a true fashionista would. Maegan also thoroughly enjoys relaxing at home and spending time with those that mean the most: friends, family, and her fur babies Gunner (her dog) and Boots (her cat).

SHE is an Ambitious Activist.  SHE is Maegan Garner!

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