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Michelle ‘Michi’ Moore – Who is SHE?

SHE is an Advisor of Actualization.  Michi Moore is a Life & Business Strategist and the one of the founders of Pretty+Profesh. Through Pretty+Profesh, Michi and her team help creative and ambitious lady entrepreneurs run more efficient businesses so they can enjoy the lives they want. She also operates the Pretty+Profesh community with the goal of empowering women to live with purpose and build their businesses on what makes them unique, instead of following the crowd.

Michi’s uses her 10+ years of marketing and sales experience to teach her ‘Lady Bosses’ to work smarter and shift their mindsets so they can achieve amazing things – all while staying fabulous. Her recently launched Pretty+Profesh Academy takes this concept further by offering women personal advice and coaching, as well as on-demand course material, all at very affordable rates.

SHE is a Boss of Balance. Michi and her Pretty+Profesh cohorts founded community movement called #TheHappyCEO, which promotes a healthy work/life balance. #TheHappyCEO was born out of the fact that women often embark on the entrepreneurial journey in order to provide better lives for themselves and their families, but at times become so mired in the stress of their careers that they don’t take the time to enjoy the better lives for which they’ve worked so hard.  Through #TheHappyCEO initiative, Michi encourages her community, her team, and her friends, to do at least 5 things each day that purely make them happy. It may be taking time to actually enjoy a hot cup of coffee (vs. drinking it over a mound of work), taking a nap at 3 in the afternoon to break up a hectic morning, or crushing their to-do lists. Finding joy in life is what matters most.

In June 2016, #TheHappyCEO will launch its flagship initiative #TheAnxietyProject.  As women, we tend to put the needs of everyone else above and beyond our own, and at times, serious issues like anxiety are ignored. Even worse, they may be seen as weaknesses that we should just “push through.” The goal of #TheAnxietyProject is to let our community know they are not alone and to offer resources, support and a platform, to share experiences. Most importantly, the initiative aims to decrease the stigma often associated with not only women’s mental health, but the notion that anxieties are weaknesses.

SHE is Fierce about Fitness.  Michi believes that staying active is a huge part of living a happier life and reducing anxieties (#TheHappyCEO). She particularly loves outdoor activities such as hiking, swimming, and bike riding. Every Saturday and Sunday morning you’ll find Michi with her best friend, Joseph Abrahams , CEO + Founder of JoeKing Fitness, at his JKFit Camps at Legacy Park in Verdae. She often says that exercising outdoors during the camps is her happy place. Michi credits the camps with changing her life for the better by helping to greatly reduce the anxiety and stress she felt from growing a business and community so rapidly from the ground up.

SHE is a Social Butterfly. Like most women, Michi loves spending time with her girlfriends. They enjoy brunching at local restaurants, hosting their bi-weekly dinner club, or just nice conversation over a glass of wine or two. Michi describes herself as a ‘random person’ who will readily talk to any stranger, especially if food, Scandal, Disney World, Assassin’s Creed, or The Walking Dead are among the topics of conversation.

SHE is the Facilitator of Fab. SHE is Michelle ‘Michi’ Moore!